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Get Sensational Attention Video Animation For Elementary Schools


Attention is the most common challenge for children today but their bodies are telling us why.  Difficulty controlling behavior, feeling hyperactive and needing to move are signs to what is causing attention deficient.  It’s the sensation in their bodies. Complete Program at : GET SENSATIONAL ATTENTION VIDEO HERE


Is the sensation in the body related to attention?  Scientists say “yes" the sensation of the body is foundational to attention.


First step to for a child is to build awareness of physical presence. Key factors to awareness are attention and movement. This awareness is a physical conditioning and takes practice (at least three weeks).  The “Kids version” of “Getting Sensational Attention” video can viewed into two or three segments.  


Then ADAPT, ADAPT, ADAPT. Adapt the sensation of “home” to daily situations.  How?  Ask the children to remember the feeling of “home.”  Are they present inside? Repeat the lesson until they can feel “home” speak (or listen).  And listen.  Do they need to share?


In sensations lie the urge to behave, the curiosity to listen and the ambition to achieve.  Help your student become fully present and attention will expand.  Grades and social behavior also improve. Teach attention, dual attention both inside and “out there.”        

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Getting children to listen and attention starts inside.  Adults and scientists understand the value of mindfulness but children have to feel it to understand it.   The organic steps to teach this type of awareness to children begins with first teaching awareness of "where" is their attention pointing? Then turn their attention inside their bodies so the can literally feel inside their physical bodies.  Children’s thoughts, feelings and actions are sensations louder then words.  Give them time to check in with themselves and they will hear you better.  This lesson is the first step to self-awareness through the body-to-the-brain (sensory-motor awareness).  After 2 weeks of practice you'll be amazed at what happens… watch attention expand, self-regulation and grades improve, and even social behavior improves.  To help teachers and parents get the kids to learn the lesson a different video (without the science) is also available free for children of elementary school. For  the school broadcast go to:  ..or subscribe and we will let you know when it comes up on YouTube.