Current Events


  • Research with mind/body modalities and influences from the body influencing the brain and behavior.



    • SRCDEmbodied Development Activities Poster_4-3, Poster Presentation as the Society for Research in Child Development
    • Brown University, Catherine Kerr, somatosensory systems and health
    • Johns Hopkins, Kennedy Krieger, Dav Clark



  • Elementary schools, teachers and parents in regards to school culture, classroom management and child behavior.
  • Anonymous Consultants for Middle Schools

    • Bullying (2 schools)


      ADHD (1 school, 1 research center)



      • Kohala Elementary, Danny Gracia Principal







Private Sessions

  •  Private sessions in person or on the phone regarding chronic conditions or behavioral challenges.


  •  Private sessions for child with developmental challenges or delays (must be in person first 3 sessions).


  • All Private Sessions involve Functional Integration®, FI®, lessons privately for in depth hands-on lesson. Practitioner goes through every articulation of the skeleton and reeducates behavioral patterns of tension to increase quality of ease  and motion.  Each session is designed to adapt to each individual and their needs regardless of condition. Communication is done through touch to the nervous system (controller of tension) not just verbally but through gentle touch and motion. This hands-on lesson is custom tailored to fit the particular needs of the person.  Then the student is consulted in what the body is saying and how to become more awareness of what it is doing that is limiting what is desired.  Team work is essential to adapting what is learned into daily living.


Group Sessions

  • Awareness Through Movement®, ATM®  movement lessons often done in groups (but also individually) integrating awareness of your body to the mind, reeducating tension to freedom and improving sensory self awareness. The teacher verbally guides students through gentle movements to increase awareness of hidden patterns of action that may be limiting movements.  These sessions are popular for people interested in enhancing also athletic abilities. (See the book "A New SENSORY Self-Awareness" to get an idea of introductory lessons)



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