Hands-On Sessions



Relieve pain and learn a tool inside the body that will make that pain never return.

Feel what it is like to be put into a new body and wonder who you are.  The two methods used to sustain results are called FI or Functional Integration (a hands-on session) and ATM Awareness Through Movement (movement with attention).  Reeducation of motor patterns and gives opportunity for clarity of how a pattern became uncomfortable, and direction of balance and healing.  The work is not mechanical manipulations or movement for stretching or strengthening.  This work is focusing on the cause not the system, and gives awareness to how parts work together, and together they work better.  Once reeducated in (FI) hands-on session student is offered movement lessons (ATM) to take home to learn the nature within the body that takes physical discomfort or condition through a gateway of change and opportunity.  A sore shoulder to an attention deficit all have motor patterns, and in physical or mental challenges there are opportunities to renew the body and the mind.  


Reeducating the patterns relieves pain.  If pain was chronic the reeducation changes movement.  Change in movement changes behavior.  Change in behavior changes conditions.  Change in conditions changes mind and heart.Private hands-on sessions can be with the mind-body or purely physical yet with both there is a need for sensory-motor awareness. Movement articulations sensed in the sensorimotor body gives the self a feeling of how pain and discomfort developed, and how to change.  The nervous system employs muscles to sense conditions and behavior.  When condition is “sensed” systems improve.  Just as pain influences both mind and body reeducation of motor patterns influences both mind and body. 

Feel this work in your body and you will have access to valuable guide.   Use this awareness in what you want to do and you will do it better, easier and gracefully.  The best part of the method is that the tools don't take any more time out of life to keep and maintain benefits.   Relieve pain in your body, sense the guide of the sensorimotor system that turns on the light to awareness and how when parts work together they work better.