Shoulders, Neck, and Breath ATM Lesson 



Pain or injury to shoulders often happens when movement in the spine is not used for movement in the arm.  Learn to use your core muscles, from the torso, to move arms.   See the Shoulder, Neck, and Breath ATM Lesson for how.



Ninety percent of the muscles attached to the neck also are attached to the shoulders and ribs.  The mouth and jaw find function through the neck, too.  Feel the connections of jaw, mouth, and shoulders into the neck with the Shoulder, Neck, and Breath ATM Lesson.



Difficulty breathing occurs for many reasons.  One reason could be tight muscles between ribs, neck, shoulders, and most important the diaphragm.  Engaging the whole spine, in a curl and arch motion, gives a sense of how breath is related to arms, shoulders, and torso.  Feel a relationship of movement between any two of these parts of the body, at one time, in the Shoulder, Neck, and Breath ATM Lesson.on.