How does Feldenkrais® Method differ from other modalities? 

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The biggest difference is that client participation is essential, for it is our intention to teach awareness of what was out of awareness from the body's perceptive to the brain. Similar to other modalities with movement and tactile guidance is used, yet Feldenkrais touch there is no adjustments.  The touch is to mirror what is.  This type of tactile language is a type of communication from the body to the brain. Before studying Feldenkrais® Method I learned massage, some osteopathic manipulations, shiatsu, deep tissue, Swedish massage and other traditional hands-on techniques and had to stop all hands-on work to understand this different way of touching.   The Feldenkrais® Method works with the nervous system, inclusive of mind and body so being "exact" in how to touch is crucial for beneficial results that are long lasting. This integrative approach challenges questions of the self and the function of muscles to bones.