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Animation Video on Mindfulness with Children

Get Sen Errrr

For the last thirteen years the community of Kohala and the Wellness Through Movement program have teamed together with Catherine to bring mindfulness and sensory motor integration into schools using the Feldenkrais Method.   Now the foundation of the program is available to all schools on You Tube.  


Click Here Mindfulness Animation video program

 Following the nature of who we are heart and mind,  "Get Sensational Attention" animation video program utilizes attention, Breath, Sensory Body, and Sound to help a children embrace mindfulness from the tangilble feeling in their bodies.  




This program has been proven successful in the last nine years at public and private elementary schools with over 800 children.  Now the mindfulness portion is  free and available for all it is our hope whole schools and their families participate in the program.  Together the tools will improve  and sustain your child for a life time. 


Here's the link to how the program works, tips to help the children personal adapt the lesson to your day-to-day life, and fun games to support the learning in Attention, Behavior and Communication.


Enjoy!  It's all free thanks in-part to our sponsors First Hawaiian Bank and North Kohala Community Resource Center.