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Hello world! Change is A Comin!

Want Change


Change is a comin!

Blue Zones, a community health initiative is here in Kamuela, Hawaii.  200 cities across the nation applied for Blue Zones  come into their community.  We WON! This is an exciting time for BIG CHANGE in the strength of community bonds and social systems of education and healthcare for Waimea (Kamuela).  

It's time for me to pull back from  being in the classroom, and start supporting the whole social systems by focusing on the empowerment of awareness through the Blue Zone support systems.

The focus will be on how to support the programs and systems involved in wellbeing with the Blue Zone model.  Special attention will continued in the direction of the physical sensation of embodiment.  The secret code inside is "talking the same story"  Blue Zones is talking… get back to our roots and the heart of who we are… a very good story not many are living. 

Checking in to oneself is the first step.  Understanding the "story" is the next step.  "Your hearts know in the silence the secrets of the days and the nights" (Kahil Gibran). Moshe Feldenkrais figured out a method how to understand the secrets this story.  Move. Point attention to feeling the sensation of motion and before changing it just witness the adaption of conditioning.  Locked in all sensation of behavior is the muscular skeletal pattern of conditioning called COGNITION. 

To give the power back to the people we need to wake up to the basics.  Responsibility lies within the awareness of the self, sensing the body and hearing its version of the situation before it hurts.  This takes training. If not it will develop haphazardly with life's successes and failures resulting in suffering. 

How we learn and how we heal is a two-way road between the body and brain just as it is a two-way road between doctor and patient or teacher and student.  Feel the sensation of the body behind a thought and you will know what is happening between the heart and head. The dynamic patterns of emotional, mental, and physical behavior is an integration different for everyone.  Thus each person has the responsibility to find his or her "way" and then watch what you choose. 

Look at yourself, feel yourself.  The body is a God given vessel for change.   And maybe the next time you want to change it will be a little easier to do when we do it together.  Waimea are you ready?