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Who will benefit from the Feldenkrais® Method?

"By seeing all functioning as a manifestation of the nervous system, the Feldenkrais® Method has universal applicability."    ~ Moshe Feldenkrais


Children with developmental problems to adults with chronic or severely acute pain have benefitted from the Feldenkrais Method.  Different than other modalities this method gives the participant the tools for sustainable results, and over time increasing benefits without more effort of time.  With curiosity any condition can tap into the nature of how the body changes and heals. The nervous system wants change and the sensorimotor system show how.   The Feldenkrais® Method figured out how to enhance the design foundational to how the body and mind heal.   More important the method addresses the nature of how the sensorimotor body learns from a habitual behavior and how to change. This awareness is not a thought or philosophy but an experience that opens the door to new opportunities regardless of dysfunction.

Sensory-motor awareness opens the door to a physician within.  The system’s primary function is to integrate all other systems.  Understanding how sensation senses patterns of action shifts perception, and gives individual’s healing in heart, mind and body.  However pain is the only reason people come to Feldenkrais work.   Musicians, conductors, singers, dancers, actors, and athletes find parts of their bodies they never knew existed.   With sensorimotor awareness vitality, flexibility and finesse increases and adds to the power, strength and endurance of any action.  


Greater ease and a sense vitality is restored through either method, 

Awareness Through Movement® and Functional Integration®.



Comments after sessions often include an experience of more balance, freer breath, lightness and flexibility.

  • Fifth grade child cured from insomnia. Kindergartner cured of grinding teeth.  Fourth grader cured of bedwetting.
  • Fourth grade girl expands awareness in her lack of breathing it's effects on comprehension and reading.
  • Principal reports problem children no longer sent to office for poor behavior.
  • Third grade boy with violent tendencies for the first time becomes friends with someone, his teacher.
  • Tennis player is told she needs hip replacement but returns to the court with no surgery.
  • 81-year-old man comfortably able to walk up hills free from
    hip pain
     after three years of struggle.
  • 52-year-old woman learns to reuse her closely severed
    foot after a crippling auto accident.
  • 42-year-old woman goes through her third pregnancy without
    without back pain or headaches for the first time.
  • 51-year-old woman is able to do bodywork without
    low back or feet pain at the end of a working day.
  • 32-year-old woman who broke her back runs a 100-mile marathon.
  • 35-year-old woman with migraines and severe chronic
    cervical tension out of pain for the first time in 15 years.  
  • 57-year-old pro golfer relieves chronic knee pain after 20 years of discomfort from soccer injury.
  • Toddler with sensory motor delays (from drug addict mother) unable to walk or crawl for first time.  She continues learning in balance, coordination and walking… even kicking a ball.




"This program has improved behavior and learning our our campus."

~Principal Garcia, Kohala Elementary

“I went to you merely for “therapy” on a chronic wrist injury (which became pain-free in 2 sessions) but ended up gaining an actual body awareness that serves me still each day…”

~ Ray Evans, Advertising Manager

I can’t believe how much more access I have to my body.  People think what they have is what they have.”

~David Florimbi, Artist

 “Over the years I’ve tried lots of therapies and body work and Feldenkrais® Method has been the missing link, a transforming and empowering experience.”

~Mary Ann Broyles, LMT

“After attending your three hour Feldenkrais workshop I noticed an almost immediate improvement in my ability to move better. In fact I noticed that the stress of business that had made me very tense and bound up was transformed into a wonderful sense of relaxed, fluid athleticism restored.”

~ Jonathan Gaines, President, Kohala Natural Healing Arts, Inc.

"After the last session, my back felt stronger than it had ever before."

~ Alan Axelrod , Retired

“Feldenkrais ATM lessons (and private sessions) have helped me immensely with my balance. As a beginner surfer, I am able to stand up longer on my board and to steer better. Also, after a long day of work on my feet, I am no longer sore and achy (as I used to be) in my feet and calves.”

~Susan Brokaw, LMT

Catherine Rosasco Mitchell – The Feldenkrais® Method