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   What is Feldenkrais Method?    


The Feldenkrais Method is a movement and hands-on techniques used by physical therapists around the world.  The method reeducates motor patterns by integrating muscle groups into one function so everything better better.   Benefits include flexibility, pain relief, and increased vitality.


The Method:

  • Teaches awareness of a "sensory body,"  a sense that integrates functions between parts: mental, movement, senses, and brain.

  • Used for chronic pain or acute injury, movement disorders such as stroke, cerebral palsy, and brain function such as ADHD

  • Trains awareness of a sixth sense that once recognizes differences in physical responses and intention has shown to boost flexibility, slow aging and improve immune function.

  • Techniques use Hands-on or movement lessons

  • Method is Based on the science of physics and human development.


  Feldenkrais Articles   (with respect to authors articles are not attached)

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    Science on Sensorimotor Systems Articles  


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Catherine Kerr, Brown University

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The Body and Objects Represented in the Ventral Stream of the Parieto-Premotor Network